Up  Close and Personal with Reggae Superstar Dillgin

Still A Work by Dillgin

Sound the alarm. The makings of true traditional reggae music hit songs are alive and well. Dillgin’s hit song, Still A Work have made it’s historic debut....and get this; its rendition is in your face, up close and personal.

Over 2 decades of producing and recording other heavy weights of the reggae music industry afforded Dillgin a titled career as a super-producer. His most-recent Still A Work single instantaneously landed him in a class of his own.

The brilliant writing, recording and melodic lyrical content of this fiery chart-topping rendition have afforded him worldwide recognition and he has earned global attention from supportive fans. The hit single has become a global anthem amongst ordinary ghetto youths and young professionals of varied industries. The international audience have responded by endorsing the hit track as a solid daily motivational response to everyday struggles.

When asked in a recent interview of what’s coming down the music pipeline, Dillgin’s response was simply that, “the best is yet to come, the sky is the limit and to expect the unexpected.” The global music community is on the edge of their seats in wait for a rumored upcoming EP set for an August 24 release date.

Over the years, Dillgin have produced a variety of works with A-list reggae superstars such as, Capleton “Never Get Down” and “Dutty Life", Beenie Man “Power and Shower", Sizzla “Buzz Rock Warrior", Anthony B & The Mighty Diamonds "Pass The Kutchie”, and Luciano "Mystery Babylon," amongst many others.

The Still A Work single track is available for purchase across all major digital platforms and is supported by a hit video on YouTube

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Picture by Samantha J & Gyptian

Talk about a Picture perfect summer hit. The current Pop reggae single track is blazing the charts. A most-recent release on July 27 has had radio, club, sound system deejays and global fans vibing to the hot exhilarating mix.

Samantha J, known for her 2013 hit international track, Tight Skirt has delivered yet another hit. Renowned Billboard ‘Hold You,’ reggae dancehall extraordinaire, Gyptian brought the hit track home, with his riveting rhymes and lyrical content. Together, Samantha J and Gyptian are the perfect combination for this infectious rendition.

No stranger to delivering excellent music productions, the phenomenal track has been produced by Reggae Hitmaker - Silverbirds Records.

Picture is available for purchase across all major digital platforms and is supported by a hit video which can be found on YouTube

Caliente by Lynx  Unruly & Maxx

Summer 2018 just got a bit hotter with the Latin-flavor infused pop reggae track Caliente. Muy Caliente!

The song has garnered major kudos from big names of the reggae music industries! Hats off to the reggae artists duo - Lynx Unruly and Maxx who hail from Jamaica and St Vincent respectively. The blazing track Caliente, produced by Big H and overall project executive produced by Lynx Unruly. Having most-recent features in the Jamaican Observer, Venezuelan and St. Vincent news papers, the Caliente track is playing in heavy rotation across Australia, North and South America and the Caribbean.

The Caliente track is supported by a hit video which can be found on YouTube and is available for purchase across all major digital platforms

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