Agency overview

We have established ourselves as a Global Musical Artist Rehab Management & Touring Agency. We are able to provide integrated service packages as it applies to various Artists within their genre. Our exceptional works guarantees to all, more marketability, exposure, increased visibility, additional knowledge and experience within the music industry.

We are committed to fueling the works that supports the Artist’s music and is devoted to the personal attention and guide the Artists needs for developing, showcasing and expanding their music careers.

  • Our unlimited services have been widely-recognized as the best of its kind.                     
  • We have worked with a catalog that showcases a list of Artists that are of different genres; including Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Classical, Jazz, etc.
  • We have grown at a steady pace and with this growth we have been able to accomplish more and have a larger impact upon additional communities.
  • We are dedicated to serving our immediate communities by providing a valuable service

To ensure phenomenal success, we monitor and track varied processes that will help us to meet the needs of today’s discerning consumer. As a result we initialize substantial processes to educate and keep all attuned to what the consumer desires, think, and determine how to make that information work for all.

Social Network Sites (SNS)

WEB SOLUTIONS - Our Social Networking Site (SNS) team initiates and builds a consistent internet audience, to regulate the demographic and advertising service that is needed to deliver and respond to your online consumers. The results that are generated from the systems in place, allows us to further differentiate the Artists’ product, target audience, objectives and to successfully execute their online marketing experience to drive the offline strategy.

Management vs Booking

It is to be importantly noted that although we are into Management and Booking, our ideal focus is on developing musicians’ works and geared towards placement on a higher platform. Our primary goal includes assessing and analyzing the Artists current works and making a sound, professional determination of the works needed to establish consistent event bookings, in order to build an independent illustrious career.

Knowing what our clients currently have and where they would like to go are our first priority. Our assessment service is the key to success to the bookings of events within the industry. We initiate the Artists end results by understanding their musical goals and objectives. All the relevant data is comprised and a “gap analysis‟ is performed, to provide the Artists with a road map to achieving their outlined goals and objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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