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Bridging D! Gap 2022

Connecting Music, Athletics, Film & Visual artists
The BD!G 2022 Conference is designed to accommodate music, sports, film production and the visual arts industries; networking sessions, panel discussions and a mixture of Live concert events to conclude the daily activities. Each year we aim to highlight the Creative Cultural Industries, discovering emerging talents whilst establishing business connections and forming new global partnerships.


BD!G 2022 VC Speakers

Khethi Ntshangase

Wakake Otieno

Jayshree Mallaya

Kwasi Bonsu

Bonnyface Thivagho

Menelik Gibbons

Kennedy Mensah

Thato Kashe

Calvin Mann

Buddha Blaze

Jerome Hamilton

Carrie Mullings

Connecting the Dots

The 2022 Business Conference debuts a platform for collaborating with industry professionals; to strengthen and improve all aspects of music, athletics, film production and the visual arts across the globe.

The annual Conference is spearheaded by Keynote Speaker - Dr Empress Rose Green.
A greater portion of the Conference is set to feature an highlighted creative aspect, centered around discovering new and emerging talents and as well with building business connections and new partnerships within each region. 

This year's conference is set to deliver a fused shared cultural aspect on a global spectrum. There is so much to explore as it pertains to business relations in various regions. There is an immediate need to seek out business prospects with similar project organizations, in order for the music, sports and visual art industries to achieve global exponential growth. It is a perfect time to bring industry leaders to the table to have a much-needed conversation. 

There is a need to engage in liked conversations of shared interest and plans of long-term investments in other regions. Platforms to enable such conversations are non-existent in some regions. Launching a conference meeting project of this magnitude will bring music, sports, film and visual arts industry professionals centerstage to discuss issues, remedies, short and long term strategies, to exploring business relations within all territories.

 Final Day Schedule of #LIVE Events   


Sports athletes will highlight various subjects through:
Panel Discussions
Sports Industry 


Virtual Artists will paint to music. Artwork will be available for viewing to public and for Auction later in the evening 


Musical Artists will speak on various subjects through:
Networking Sessions


Rose Green


Bidding on paintings


Live Performance by various Musicians across the world