Effecting the CCI - Series 5

The ongoing pandemic brought significant loss for countless businesses and that lead to serious disruptions of the Cultural Creative Industries (CCI). Intl Starz debuts its Bridging D! Gap 2022 VC Series through the eyes of A-lists Speakers addressing the important topic:"How has the pandemic affected businesses of the CCI industries in their regions; past, present and plans for the future?"

Global Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders join in a Conference setting to be a part of the six (6) week Saturday series, addressing the short and long term risks and challenges.

The Series 5 Speakers includes Calvin Mann (USA) and Buddha Blaze (Kenya), Bonnyface Thivagho (Namibia) and Kwasi Bonsu (USA) will brief the audience on the importance of Effecting the Cultural Creative Industries in their regions; highlighting risks, challenges, pros and cons of the CCI industries they serve. 

Buddha Blaze- CCI Kenya

Buddha Blaze started out as the editor of East Africa’s first entertainment magazine, PHAT! The first magazine of its kind in Kenya. Buddha Blaze provided a platform for young and budding African artists to express themselves and to connect with fans, documenting the emergence of an entertainment industry in Kenya. The result is local dailies such as Nation and Standard newspapers adopting Pulse and Buzz. Whilst working as an editor of PHAT Magazine, Buddha Blaze has interviewed numerous entertainers namely Suzanna Owiyo, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Shaggy, Nameless, Redsan, Eric Wainaina, Bamboo, Alpha Blondy, the late Lucky Dube, Mandoza, Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie. He has worked as TV host for Channel O ‘On the Streets and also Host of Nation TV’s RootStop. He has produced two street DVDs called SHIKA 1 and 2 featuring Chris Rock. “Buddha Blaze is the most trusted men in Kenyan showbiz always ready to take it to that next level” – Stanley Bond, Bonded Entertainment

Kwasi Bonsu, ESQ.

Kwasi Bonsu, Esq., aka Dejazmatch is an entertainment attorney, music artist, actionist and author. He prides himself in completing meaningful work across various professions. In addition to being the founder and CEO of the Jamaica Music Conference, and convenor of the Association of Ras Tafari Creatives (ARC), Kwasi also serves on the board of three non-profit organizations and one trust fund servicing the pan-African and Ras Tafari community. In 2021 Kwasi Bonsu released his first published work, Haile Selassie I’s Ethiopia: The Rise of the Priestly Warrior Kings, Volume I. Kwasi believes in action over talk, hence he coined the term “Actionist'' to encompass his rapidly evolving brand. In 2022 he launched a YouTube channel The Official Dejazmatch Kwasi to encompass and provide a visual home for both his charitable and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Bonnyface Thivagho

Bonnyface Thivagho aka Slosh is a Vocalist, Keyboardist, Guitarist and Producer born in Namibia, Africa. Slosh started his music career at the tender age of twelve (12) years old, as a member of a school Band at the Max Makushe Secondary School. Throughout his High School days he continued to pursue music. In 2005 SLOSH released his first local Disco album that gained him notoriety as a Musician within the local music circles. In late 2013, Slosh decided to start focusing on Roots cultural Reggae, fused with some Dancehall. He then decided to release a Reggae album titled Stop Passion Killing. The release of the new album, the shifting and focus on the Reggae genre proved fruitful, as it earned him a nomination and win in the Namibian Music Award (NMA) as the Best Reggae album in 2014. Throughout the years, Slosh continue to record and perform at various local events, such as Festivals throughout his local Namibia province. 

Calvin Mann- CCI USA

Calvin T. Mann, National Encourager is facilitator, talk show host (Daddy Talk), mentor, visionary, coach, author, community activist and proud father of 4. He continues to build boys and men in ways that change their trajectory. He has coordinated recreation and mentorship programs, led intervention strategies in detention centers, communities, families, and schools. Since 2004, a champion for the silenced voices of children slain to suicide and violence; Mann placed t-shirts with positive messages of encouragement at the sight of slain children to raise awareness of our responsibility to our children and their future. Mann’s passion and unique perspective exemplifies diversity, self-belief and love for his fellow man. Often serving on panels, creating intervention opportunities in schools, or speaking directly to students of all ages offering his enlightening words while captivating audiences.